When he can't compress a complex concept into a few tweets, Jameson writes lengthy technical (and sometimes philosophical) articles to communicate information and opinions he has gathered while building crypto asset infrastructure.

Thoughts on Libra "Blockchain"

An interpretation of the 26 page technical document describing the protocol to be used as a platform for the Libra coin and more.

18 June 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (part II)

The results of extreme stress tests on 13 metal seed storage devices.

18 May 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How Many Wrongs Make A Wright?

A presentation of evidence with regard to Craig Wright's claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

9 May 2019 | Bitcoin Magazine

Casa Keymaster Security: Mobile Key Overview

A technical explanation of how Casa securely backs up mobile device keys.

9 April 2019 | Casa Blog

Bitcoin Timestamp Security

A deep technical dive into the assurances around the accuracy of timestamps in Bitcoin block headers.

3 March 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Satoshi Roundtable V Recap

Discussions on Lightning Network, Privacy, Sidechains, Secure Hardware, Mnemonic Seed Phrases, Security Tokens, and Grin.

9 February 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Open Sourcing the Casa Node

Improving security through transparency.

31 January 2019 | Casa Blog

Bitcoin by the Numbers - 2018 Recap

An overview of the diverse set of trends observed in the Bitcoin ecosystem during 2018.

1 January 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Who Controls Bitcoin Core?

A deep dive into the security practices and power distribution of the Bitcoin Core project.

15 December 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin Full Validation Sync Performance

Jameson tests and compares the initial sync performance of popular Bitcoin implementations.

1 December 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin Seed Security Analysis

Jameson demonstrates the dangers of manually manipulating seed phrases by showing how easy it is to reduce their computational security.

24 November 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal

A comprehensive guide to reclaiming your privacy in the surveillance age.

29 September 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Reflections upon a SWATting

Jameson tells the full story of being targeted for SWATting.

28 July 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Switch

Thoughts on end of life planning for crypto asset owners.

21 July 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

Jameson tests the limits of various metal key storage devices.

14 July 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Casa’s Privacy Model

Describing what types of privacy Casa customers can expect to have.

25 June 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Satoshi Roundtable IV Recap

Covering our discussions about tribalism, developer education, operational security, drivechains, and Tether.

10 February 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

What the Data Tells Us About Bitcoin in 2017

Statistics show bitcoin is at the forefront of an increasingly complex ecosystem that continues to grow in a variety of ways.

13 January 2018 | CoinDesk

The Challenges of Building Ethereum Infrastructure

Lopp covers a number of issues encountered while building a multisig smart contract wallet.

8 January 2018 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Securing Your Financial Sovereignty

An explanation of why fully validating nodes matter and how to make use of them.

22 October 2017 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Can SPV Support a Billion Bitcoin Users?

Lopp takes a deep dive into claims that it's safe to remove bitcoin's block size limit and instead rely on existing SPV methods.

30 July 2017 | CoinDesk

Bitcoin and the Benefits of Coopetition

Lopp makes an impassioned argument for the need for more cooperation between the players in the bitcoin space.

14 July 2017 | CoinDesk

The Challenges of Bitcoin Transaction Fee Estimation

Bitcoin transaction fee estimation is a goldilocks problem wrapped in a future prediction enigma shrouded...

10 May 2017 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Announcing the Bitcoin Core Config Generator

Bitcoin Core is a complex piece of software. Because one of the primary goals of Bitcoin is to enable users to be self sovereign and...

30 March 2017 | Cypherpunk Cogitations