When he can't compress a complex concept into a few tweets, Jameson writes lengthy technical (and sometimes philosophical) articles to communicate information and opinions he has gathered while building crypto asset infrastructure.

Why Twitter is a Musk-Have

A techno-optimist's speculation on how Twitter fits into Elon Musk's portfolio of companies.

28 April 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

The Hunt for the Best Gigabit Home VPN

VPN technology is improving, but how hard is it to actually implement?

24 April 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How to Back Up a Seed Phrase

There are a million ways to back up a seed phrase. Nearly all of them have flaws.

2 April 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Running Bitcoin Core v0.7 and Earlier

An exploration into eccentricities of trying to sync extremely old versions of Bitcoin Core.

19 March 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How to Lose All Your Bitcoin

You already know how to secure and protect your crypto investments. Now, it's time to talk about how to lose them all.

19 March 2022 | Cointelegraph

Building Bitcoin Core v0.7 and Earlier

A guide for how to compile binaries for very old Bitcoin Core versions that are no longer available to download.

16 March 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

On BSV Scalability

BSV's blockchain is now over 3 terabytes - have they finally solved on-chain scaling challenges?

12 March 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How to Prepare for Hyperinflation

Inflation is at all-time highs after central banks have printed $2 trillion over the past 2 years. How can you prepare for the worst?

6 March 2022 | Forbes

Bitcoin Core Performance Evolution

A historical analysis of full validation node sync performance across 9 years of releases.

5 March 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Satoshi Roundtable VIII Recap

A review of selected topics covered at the 2022 unconference including Bitcoin Development, Crypto Family Offices, Dubai, El Salvador, Free Private Cities, DAOs, GameFi, Web3, and more.

21 February 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin’s Last Security Challenge: Simplicity

Bitcoin's "Mayflower Generation" has evolved into a revolutionary army. But, how has the threat landscape changed — and how can they keep their coins safe?

12 February 2022 | Cointelegraph

Is the Bitcoin Network Slowing Down?

An investigation into the root cause of node syncing performance drops seen during annual testing.

22 January 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How is the 21 Million Bitcoin Cap Defined and Enforced?

A deep dive into the code that keeps bitcoin's inflation rate on a predictable schedule.

12 January 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin 2021 Annual Review

Comprehensive coverage of metrics across a number of different verticals in the Bitcoin ecosystem to gauge performance in 2021.

3 January 2022 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Quantum Resistance

Considerations regarding one aspect of the future of Bitcoin security.

3 January 2022 | Bitcoin Magazine

5 Things You Need To Know About Donating Bitcoin To Charity

Tips & tricks for maximizing your charitable contributions.

12 December 2021 | Forbes

2021 Bitcoin Node Performance Tests

Testing full validation sync performance of seven Bitcoin node implementations.

4 December 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Lopp's Threat Index

An analysis of the top 5 security threats that bitcoin holders should worry about.

14 November 2021 | Forbes

To Swat a Swatter

The conclusion to a 4 year long investigation in pursuit of the person who swatted & extorted me.

13 November 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (Round V)

Jameson stress tests another dozen seed backup devices.

7 November 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Congressional Bitcoin Believers

Plenty of politicians have opined upon Bitcoin and the crypto industry over the years, but how many of them have skin in the game?

19 September 2021 | BTC Times

Lopp's Links for Learning Bitcoin

A guide to exploring the Bitcoin ecosystem and understanding its many facets.

18 September 2021 | Forbes

Satoshi Roundtable VII Recap

A review of selected topics covered at the 2021 unconference including Lightning Network, Bitcoin UX, DeFi, Smart Contracts, Astrology, and Identity.

22 August 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Lightning Liquidity Management Guide

Lessons learned from running a routing node on the Lightning Network.

7 August 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

2021 Altcoin Node Sync Tests

Testing full validation sync performance of 16 altcoin node implementations.

1 August 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How to Protect Contact Forms from Spam with Proof of Work

An argument and guide for using hashcash puzzles to protect contact forms from spammers instead of captchas.

18 July 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Casa Client Case Study: The Tinder Trap

Postmortem analysis of a physical attack perpetrated against a Casa client and tips for staying safe on the dating scene.

8 July 2021 | Casa Blog

Bitcoin: Redefining F-You Money

Those with traditional F-you money are beholden to no one. Bitcoin changes the game by enabling any user to attain a new level of financial freedom at a low cost.

4 July 2021 | Forbes

Empty Blocks, Full Mempool

An analysis of empty blocks mined even when there were transactions waiting to be confirmed.

29 May 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Tor-only Bitcoin & Lightning Guide

A guide for how Lightning users can improve their financial privacy.

6 May 2021 | Cypherpunk Cogitations