When he can't compress a complex concept into a few tweets, Jameson writes lengthy technical (and sometimes philosophical) articles to communicate information and opinions he has gathered while building crypto asset infrastructure.

How to Create a Bitcoin/Lightning Email Paywall with BTCPay

A step-by-step guide to building your own bitcoin-powered priority inbox.

22 March 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Build Your Own Casa Node

A step by step guide for users to assemble their own Casa Node for Bitcoin & Lightning.

19 March 2020 | Casa Blog

Virtual Reality Challenges & Opportunities

Thoughts on the social challenges, solutions, and new possibilities we can expect to face as virtual reality adoption continues.

15 March 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Bitcoin Core Contributor Challenges

A look into the history of accepted and rejected pull requests to Bitcoin Core.

14 March 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Satoshi Roundtable VI Recap

A review of selecting topics covered such as philanthropy, onboarding, web of trust, identity, BTMs, and PSBT.

17 February 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

A Home Defense Primer

A comprehensive post covering considerations to take when designing a multilayered home defense system.

12 February 2020 | Casa Blog

Firearms for Home Defense

Considerations to take regarding firearm selection, training, and storage for home defense.

12 February 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

2020 Altcoin Node Sync Tests

Testing sync performance of Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash nodes.

7 February 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How to Securely Back up Data to Cloud Storage

Jameson researches user-friendly solutions for backing up sensitive data to cloud providers while keeping it safe from third party snooping.

21 January 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

What Are the Key Properties of Bitcoin?

Fundamental principles of Bitcoin that must be preserved to maintain the system's utility.

3 January 2020 | Nakamoto

Bitcoin 2019 Annual Review

50+ metrics across a variety of vertical to gauge ecosystem performance in 2019.

2 January 2020 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Deleting "Crypto Deleted Tweets"

The real story behind the suspension of the "Crypto Deleted Tweets" bot.

18 December 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Griefing "Crypto Deleted Tweets"

A few thoughts on the "Crypto Deleted Tweets" bot and how to improve its signal/noise ratio.

8 December 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (Round III)

Stress testing a dozen new metal seed phrase backup devices.

7 December 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

2019 Bitcoin Node Performance Tests

Testing full validation syncing performance of seven Bitcoin node implementations.

10 November 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Security Issues with Browser-Based Bitcoin Wallets

There's more to wallet security than just keeping private keys safe; Jameson covers some often overlooked issues with web browsers.

7 November 2019 | Casa Blog

GrapheneOS: Phone Privacy Protection

Jameson details his experience setting up a Pixel 3 phone with the privacy enhanced Graphene operating system.

2 November 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Shamir's Secret Sharing Shortcomings

Jameson explains why Casa prefers multisig over SSS for securing private keys.

17 October 2019 | Casa Blog

Craig Wright's Copyright Claim

Craig Wright registered a copyright claim on the Bitcoin whitepaper. Does this claim hold any weight?

26 September 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Thoughts on Libra "Blockchain"

An interpretation of the 26 page technical document describing the protocol to be used as a platform for the Libra coin and more.

18 June 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (part II)

The results of extreme stress tests on 13 metal seed storage devices.

18 May 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations

How Many Wrongs Make A Wright?

A presentation of evidence with regard to Craig Wright's claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

9 May 2019 | Bitcoin Magazine

Casa Keymaster Security: Mobile Key Overview

A technical explanation of how Casa securely backs up mobile device keys.

9 April 2019 | Casa Blog

Bitcoin Timestamp Security

A deep technical dive into the assurances around the accuracy of timestamps in Bitcoin block headers.

3 March 2019 | Cypherpunk Cogitations