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June 19th, 2012

@hoorayimhelping Haven’t used smarty since 2007 & haven’t missed it once.

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@mattmeis can do, but not until I get back to ‘Murrica & can upload from my DSLR

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@covati Loïc didn’t know what I was talking about at first. I had to describe them & then he said “oh, you can only get those at bakeries.”

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Saw 4 tourists walking around holding up iPads as cameras today. So I took pictures of them.

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@covati coffee & crepes & paninis thus far… I’ll ask my host about beignets. Headed across the street right now to a wine bar.

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@carolinewv Hmmmm we haven’t learned how to defend flying baby doll attacks in Krav Maga yet… I should bring this up with my instructor.

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Had trouble finding the Sewer Museum today. Totally worth it. FYI standing above rushing raw sewage smells marginally worse than the subway.

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A dirty gypsy tried to pull the “excuse me, did you just drop this REAL gold ring” scam on me. I gave him The Stare.

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