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May 2013

Verity: my sincerity in promoting popularity of vulgarity modularity for hilarity.

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“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be grown up.” ~C.S. Lewis

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That feeling when your dev VM gets rebooted over a weekend & floods your work inbox with 100K error emails, delaying delivery of legit email

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Patriotism: “My country is great.”
Nationalism: “My country is better than yours.”
Imperialism: “Hey, nice country you’ve got there…”

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@pmccall777 I’m guessing that they haven’t heard of Instagram

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Loving the watermark in the new Arrested Development episodes.

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BigDataBorat If data have structure store Postgres. If data no have structure store Hadoop. If data no have value store Mongo.

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whiskeydurham Changes are in the wind. Whiskey is going non smoking downstairs. We will be converting the clubroom upstairs…

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If you don’t upgrade to @bronto’s V4 API, you’ll certainly be The Fool on April 1, 2014.

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@pig_poetry There’s no way I’m clicking on that.

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ncpolicelogs A Charlotte woman had her juvenile son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts®

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While it’s theoretically possible to “live” for millions of years, no one can live forever due to entropy.

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@av3rnus The coming decades will likely give us incredible advances in medical anti-ageing technology.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot Replacement body parts is a step that may allow you to live long enough to see digitization of conciousness…

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@Jeremy_DeGroot I think first-world citizens might afford replacement grown organs, gene therapy, etc to further extend lifespan.

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@ddahlke Or is it ∞ more bacon? You should make bacon lemniscates.

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I believe life expectancy will dramatically increase by 2050, but no one in the personal finance blogosphere seems to be talking about it…

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This is how you know that the job market for good software engineers is quite competitive.

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TheRealBuzz null

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@McGinity I heard some outfit called @bronto has that pop-up stuff.

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@carolinewv @ncpolicelogs Tiara looks a bit shifty-eyed.

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Enjoyed @boburnham at @CarolinaDurham tonight. Especially “Jacking Off in B Minor.”

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@ErikVoorhees So… the TSA should arrest themselves?

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“Hell, there are no rules here - we’re trying to accomplish something.” - Thomas Edison

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Confirmed sighting of someone actually buying precooked eggs at the grocery store. :-|

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rjurney I just RM’d the result of a 12 hour Hadoop job. OAEHGIOEHGiagheiahgeaihangneaignaeigaeigheaigeg

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dave_revell Fire alarm going off? Apply Bayes’ Theorem, put on headphones.

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VeryShortStory My bank slowly increased their fees day by day, siphoning off all my money. I didn’t notice until bank employees started living in my house.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot The Invisible Hand refers to a self-regulating market. Hidden Hands refers to malfeasance and manipulation of the market.

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Don’t hate the Player, hate the Hidden Hands who run The Game.

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ncpolicelogs A 57-year-old Kings Mountain woman has been arrested and charged with beating another woman with a Bible.

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@rjurney Death is the body’s natural solution to loneliness!

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@mark_a_phelps Live in the future, then look around and build what’s missing.

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humble The Humble Double Fine Bundle now accepts BITCOIN! Name your price now:

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bendavenport No place to spend #bitcoin? How about 50,000 retail locations? @bitpay and @gyft team up -

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@ericboggs Awww snap, I just set up a @coinbase account an hour ago for @bronto’s latest Hack Day.

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@danlowe You bought new clothes?

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@pmccall777 @ddahlke Yep, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Time = money.

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@ddahlke Hurk. I just bought a bunch of those 12”x12” concrete pads for a buck each and sunk them into the ground.

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That feeling when you’re investigating a bug in your software and find that it’s a bug in the programming language.

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@lizzwinstead @flyosity …and even more American babies were murdered (sans guns) by their own parents this year. Statistics is fun!

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Thank you, Internet, for this glorious documentary about 70-year-old twins who are prostitutes in Amsterdam.

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@mark_a_phelps Approximately 24 cat skins are required to make an entire coat for a human.

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@mark_a_phelps Cats naturally conform to fit the shape of their container. It’s one of their intrinsic properties.

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@drewpotential Missed out on racquetball today, though I did get simulatedly shot a dozen times… in a theater! Then we watched Iron Man 3.

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@DCWithrow I’m assuming the police confiscated your shotgun; any idea if you’re going to get it back?

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WarrenBuffett Warren is in the house.

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@danlowe I guess we have different definitions of a “good day.” :-P

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This sentence is fourteen words, seventy-five letters, four commas, one hyphen, and a period.

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@danlowe Today was a good day; I only got punched in the face 3 times.

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@gigq @pig_poetry …and TOR and throw your computer into the ocean.

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@gigq @pig_poetry And DNTMe and HTTPSEverywhere

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Early adoption: a good sign.

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