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March 2012

This week I’ve earned: 3 bruises on my back from 100 MPH racquetballs, both shins bruised & 3 bloody knuckles from Krav Maga. #nopainnogain

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pmccall777 Amazing lineup tonight at @tylerstaproom Durham. Bell’s Hopslam leading the lineup, also Dogfish 90min, SN Hoptimum, Avery Maharaja & 2 more

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DEVOPS_BORAT In startup we are allow all employee for use 20% time on personal project but only in weekend.

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galifianakisz Stand up for all people in #NC, join the @protectNC moneybomb to defeat #amendment1

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RT @rands: Wind over the US — right now: (@hackernews)

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Oatmeal Types of Extremists

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whiskeydurham It’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means Cigar Club Mtg- Club Room 8pm

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My Krav Maga partner today very politely asked me to stop kneeing him in the gut so that he wouldn’t vomit on me. What a nice guy!

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@McGinity Yep, screw Ticketmaster. I always take the 10 min to walk over to DPAC.

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In the not-too-distant future, you won’t need a license to operate a vehicle. Only the vehicle will need to be licensed - to operate itself.

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If you ever upload a video to YouTube and it offers to automagically fix any jitteryness, just say no.

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@sweetlydrifting a chicken bbq food truck that I hadn’t seen before last night. apparently they’re based out of wendell…

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Had my first @chick_n_que sandwich last night; it was delicious!

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The best part about getting the NCAA March Madness streaming package is that you can watch games later that you missed.

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In a recent press release, Detroit announced that they have finally succeeded in eliminating the economy.

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@pmccall777 you can grow weed in the sea now?!?!?

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I’m quite interested to see if advances in food production technology are able to keep pace with population growth this century…

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@pmccall777 It’s even worse when someone describes their startup as the <popular service> for <unpopular thing X>

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mcuban Trying to learn some Pig Latin #Hadoop

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alexbonin It’s never good when your twin is ugly

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tubafrenzy Coming out of Twit-tirement to thank @TriHUG for Practical Pig talk & @Bronto for beer. If only I’d ordered a porter, pilsner, or pale ale.

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Spring sprung, spewing spunk sideways.

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My favorite part about the radio ads for the local Christian talent agency is that their phone number is STAR-420.

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Jeremy_DeGroot We watched this movie last night. It’s the best documentary I’ve seen this year. #elmo

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I hereby declare today to be the shittiest of 2012 thus far.

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gedeon The stupidest thing you’ll see this year -

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covati In Sweden, cash is king no more robberies down, hacking and bank fees way up

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Dame’s Chicken & Waffles needs to double their seating capacity & triple their kitchen throughput. 2 hour wait & they are out of the special

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DEVOPS_BORAT If you are not wake up of Nagios minimum 2 time per week, your technology is not sufficient cutting-edge.

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@mattmeis CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! /helping make decisions

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Bummed that tomorrow’s Childish Gambino concert in Charlotte has been postponed by 2 months due to a broken foot!

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patrick_allaert A: Do you have a time estimation to develop it?
B: Mhhh, about 2.
A: Hours?
B: Don’t know the unit yet.

#epic #estimation #development

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@ddahlke pussy, right?

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A National Geographic survey claims 41% of Americans think Doomsday Prepping is a better investment than a 401K. ಠ_ಠ

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A 20-yr-old dork awkwardly proposed to his girlfriend of 6 months on stage @ Jay & Silent Bob last night. The audience groan was ginormous.

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Daylight Savings Time has exposed a flaw in my patent-pending, 100% organic Dog Alarm Clock.

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ncpolicelogs Charlotte PD took down their log for maintenance in 2009. It never returned, perhaps b/c it conflicted with crime stats

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flyosity Oh Monopoly, you crack me up.

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My current theory is that people become Doomsday Preppers because they can’t cope with the fact that the world is constantly changing.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot they key is to give it a gentle nudge while it’s very far away; trying to obliterate an asteroid is asking for trouble.

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ncpolicelogs A Gaston County teen is in hot water after a social media monitoring company alerted police to a “threatening tweet.”

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For March 20th @TriHUG meetup at @Bronto I’ll be presenting “Practical Pig: Preventing Perilous Programming Pitfalls for Prestige & Profit”

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NCAA Bracket prediction: everybody loses.

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The most important part of writing a presentation to a technical crowd is coming up with a catchy title.

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unitedrep Still in office, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) already negotiating w/ K Street to become a lobbyist. Revolving door, much?

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ncpolicelogs Mr. Smiley had a PlayStation under one arm and was holding up his pants with his other hand as he ran from police.

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If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it’s because it’s fertilized with bullshit.

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MusclesGlasses I rarely smoke, ‘cause last time I got the munchies, I got permanently banned from all Wal-Marts.

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Pedestrians on phones are as bad at walking as vehicle operators on phones are at driving.

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Extremely disappointed to learn that cruise ships stopped offering skeet shooting in the 1990s.

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Motorcycle season is definitely here; NC has had at least 3 deaths this week where a car pulled out in front of a biker. ಠ_ಠ

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emilepetrone Comcast’s $10 Recurring Dirty Trick cc @comcastcares - Hmm that is interesting - my bill is $10 higher this…

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@jefft woah does it stream porn at 4G speeds now?

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@ameir You must be attempting to build a

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juliussharpe Cool new feature of iPad 3 - you can smash it over an intruder’s head.

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Someone called me pretentious this morning and almost made me spit out my Austrian goat milk double-half-caf-half-decaf-soy milk cappuccino.

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“An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” - Aldous Huxley

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VeryShortStory I bought a jaguar today. Not a car, an ACTUAL jaguar. I figure it will impress women more than a car. I got a two seat saddle for it.

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Based upon my thorough analysis of every religious themed painting ever created, God is a never-nude.

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thebestmonkey I’ve never admitted this to anyone before but, I was super disappointed when I learned The Genius Bar wasn’t a drinking establishment.

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rickygervais Everyone has the right to believe anything they want. However illogical.
And anyone else has the right to find it fucking ridiculous.

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@jefft did you know about

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@covati “Cassandra Map/reduce possible with Apache Hadoop” BWAHAHAHAHA

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@covati no no no yes no yes maybe maybe

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@jbeardsley @jefft thankfully a number of those are temporary tattoos / fake

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thebestmonkey What if, when people Googled you, you could feel it?

I have GOT to stop smoking pot.

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Scumbag AMEX spams me daily to load funds on prepaid card, won’t let me w/o an account, can’t create account w/o card they haven’t sent. ಠ_ಠ

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DEVOPS_BORAT For junior devops I recommend of start with Low Availability first.

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Was rejected yesterday for a credit limit increase by Chase. Today I signed up for an Amazon Visa card… through Chase. Suck it, Chase!

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