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May 2012

@drewpotential yeah, but like the first reply states, these stories are fairly common. For ex: &

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@drewpotential heh, boingboing got that from the tumblr post who probably got it from reddit…

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I should probably stop accumulating bruises at a faster rate than they can heal.

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ameir Find yourself wanting to ask “did you see that ludicrous display last night?” Now you can. Download and make Moss proud

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I don’t think the random guys who ask me to do burnouts understand that they’re asking me to burn my money for their entertainment.

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@ameir Did you have to pay off a squatter to get

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@sween @rands One of those newfangled Nest thermostats?

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@julien I don’t know if you ride motorcycles, but thought you’d enjoy this article about The Flinch:

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In DevOps, flapping is not just for the birds.

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nathanmarz Some developers, when faced with a problem, say “I know, I’ll use a chaos monkey!” And then,

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ncpolicelogs A Salisbury woman smelled BBQ & when she went to investigate she found her son-in-law peeping into her bedroom window.

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ncpolicelogs Last year a NC man with no criminal record held up a bank for $1 so that he could receive health care in prison.

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TIL that my motorcycle doesn’t output enough juice to jump start my truck. :-|

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SSD prices dropping like crazy in the past month; I’ve seen as low as $0.70 / GB. Definitely my fav computer upgrade of the past few years.

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Distributed computing + cutting edge astrophysics = pure awesome.

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So far today I: got habanero capsaicin in my eye, discovered my local ABC store closed, & found a nail in my motorcycle tire. :-|

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Do you want to invest in “The Cloud” because it’s a neat buzzword? There’s an ETF for that.

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War for religion, war for for empire, war for freedom, war for resources. What will we fight about next?

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KenJennings True, your mom is only $5 & WAY bigger MT @ZachLambertski Almost bought yr book but wasn’t ready to plunk down $15 on a couple hundred pages

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@ameir You should show up and ask how much admission is.

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@pmccall777 @UNCTV It’s a darn shame you didn’t have a helmet cam to capture more details :-P

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Great rule of thumb for healthy eating: don’t ingest foods made in places where employees are required to wear a surgical cap.

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“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” - James Bovard

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flyosity :-D

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@geotie2323 Still going strong, I see… how long do you think you can keep it up?

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@geotie2323 Welcome to The Internet, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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smashingmag We removed FB buttons and traffic from Facebook increased. Reason: instead of “liking” articles, readers share it on their timeleine.

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@rands Weather prediction is a joke, especially for summer storms in NC. Every day is forecast as 50% chance of rain b/c they have no clue.

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dave_revell Just open sourced: @urbanairship’s HBase 0.90 client wrapper for measuring latency/throughput and finding bottlenecks

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The chief export of Chuck Norris is diarrhea. #ChuckNorrisFacts

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@Jeremy_DeGroot @flyosity All I’m saying is that in a real fight, there are no rules. Thus the rules of Karate fly out the window.

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@flyosity @jeremy_degroot Also, Seagal seems to be a bigger gun enthusiast than Norris.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot Seagal is a 7th degree black belt in Aikido & trains MMA fighters. Norris is good within the confines of Karate.

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If Chuck Norris fought Steven Seagal, who would win? My money’s on Steven.

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@ddahlke What has broccoli ever done to you?

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“As we expand the area of our knowledge, so expands the perimeter of our ignorance.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Bitterjojo I just heard Facebook’s stock will go up if you stop posting pictures of your meals and your babies.

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@knucklesandwich I heard it might even pop, lock, AND drop!

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The lack of a ‘pop’ in today’s Facebook IPO indicates that the market deems it appropriately valued, which is a nice change for tech IPOs.

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“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history.” ~Mitch Ratcliffe

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@knucklesandwich @uncrate You’re gonna want a sling for that thar 12 gauge

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RT @ameir: My wife’s laptop got stolen at the airport because TSA took her to another room to search her and left her bags out in the op …

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rands When you say “Friendly reminder,” I hear “I will mess you up if you miss this deadline.”

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The difference between a good engineer and a great engineer is that the latter wields a word processor as well as they do a compiler.

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DEVOPS_BORAT Big Data Analytic is show 80% of devops are on probation for technical debt.

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@CrowChick Salary ranges are seniority agnostic unless job title is denoted by experience level. Thus the low end should be ‘early career.’

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@CrowChick @wesbos @KomejoDev Taking into account the variance for Raleigh, I believe their starting salary is $64k

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Those “you deserve to earn more money” signs tickle my innards. If you deserve more money, you WILL earn it. If you don’t, you won’t.

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ncpolicelogs The dog that sired N.C. State University mascot Tuffy has been euthanized after he was poisoned with antifreeze.

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@CrowChick You’d probably be interested in following @flyosity

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“Do unto others 20% better than you would expect them to do unto you, to correct for subjective error.” -Linus Pauling

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@mattmeis Throwback reference to that crazy health teacher in high school?

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adamrawlings The children are safe & sound:

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@mark_a_phelps This morning I ate eggs out of a shoe with a comb. #blackbooks

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@colopy How long are you going to continue patting yourself on the back? :-P

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@CarrieNyden @adamrawlings that’s tempting but I fear a revolt on the scale of

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ncpolicelogs Shit happens.

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Spent a few hours cursing my new motherboard for not POSTing until I realized the heat sink I installed was so heavy it unseated the CPU :-|

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@nathanmarz I’m going to say yes, especially in the cranial area.

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Yesterday I learned that new ATX motherboards no longer include PATA connectors as a standard option. Oops.

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Biodegradable packing peanuts: they melt in your dog’s mouth, not in your hands.

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TheBikingBrewer Note correlation of NC breweries w/ communities that voted yesterday against discrimination. More beer=More progressive

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@ddahlke Really. We just happen to live in a bubble.

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juliussharpe On the bright side of this North Carolina vote, I don’t think anyone was planning their dream gay wedding in Durham.

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One of the major downsides of a democratic system is tyranny of the majority. Thankfully we have the Supreme Court.

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@michaelbrooks The real shame is that it probably WOULD be better if it were in God’s hands. :-|

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Oatmeal It’s such a beautiful spring day outside. I think I’ll sit indoors and pound the F5 key looking at shit that doesn’t matter.

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colopy Seeking all-star VP of Engineering to lead multiple teams doing amazing things.

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neiltyson My Father’s history with the 1960s Civil Rights Miovement compels me to share this time-sensitive video

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@ameir If the post is not in /r/deadpets, tell them to GTFO and stick to /r/deadpets. If you’re reading /r/deadpets, you’ve got issues.

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@TheBikingBrewer Figured you might be interested in this

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The Avengers is a cinematic masterpiece. Also, you have to stay until after the credits finish.

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juliussharpe Your Internet ad gave me 30 seconds to think how I hate and resent your company for making me wait to watch YouTube.

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@ameir Rain is good for our agricultural industry which is good for keeping you alive…

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If money doesn’t make you happy, you aren’t spending it correctly.

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That was the first and last time I ever ride a motorcycle while wearing an athletic supporter.

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ncpolicelogs A citizen in eastern NC snapped a photo of a state trooper pulling over a Krispy Kreme truck.

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ncpolicelogs An amazing account of 2 Camp Lejeune Marines who walked in on burglars & were nearly executed. Don’t mess with Marines.

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ncpolicelogs Durham 911 is out of service this morning; call 919-560-4600 or 0118-999-881-999-119-7253 if you’re being shot at.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot I would have gone with a string myself.

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@emilepetrone You need to get this listed on there:

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