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April 3rd, 2013

@drewpotential Who doesn’t love automagic?!?!

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American Tobacco touts their cross-contamination-proof touchless soap & towel dispensers, neglected to install touchless faucets & doors…

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Reddit: where an 18-year-old exotic dancer / aspiring mathematician can get sound personal finance advice for free.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot Moving is cowardly; I posit that we can come up with some more effective alternatives.

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@nicholascordell This has the potential to be an excellent livetweeting session. Keep it up!

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@flyosity Subscriber to /r/bitcoin and you’ll learn a thing or two. Just ignore the circlejerk threads.

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@flyosity Does this mean that you care?

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@mark_a_phelps Here you go: it dropped back to $130 but is rising again.

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