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April 9th, 2013

lornahermin According to @posco Justin Bieber is responsible for skewing map/reduce functions at Twitter :) #BigDataTechCon

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#BigDataTechCon has the best catered lunches of any conference I’ve attended. Four star quality eats!

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jonmatonis Every 10 min, approx. $3-5 million worth of private #bitcoin transactions are processed by the free market. Thanks for the data, @blockchain

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@hoorayimhelping @flyosity Kind of - the sheer number of gun owners makes events such as these inevitable because humans make mistakes.

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Kudos to Mike Stonebraker for giving a keynote about how Hadoop is destined to fail because it’s only good at embarrassingly parallel probs.

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BigDataTechCon “Column stores are going to win” - Dr. Michael Stonebraker at #BigDataTechCon. #bigdata

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@pmccall777 Without getting too graphic, this Dude was not a friend and he was pretty gross.

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Turns out Dude had the right idea. Mass exodus from that talk while the speaker fiddled with Eclipse settings trying to get demo working.

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Dude sitting next to us at this tech conference nodded off and started snoring so loudly the whole room could hear. #awkward

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8 days after reaching the $100 mark, the exchange rate for 1 Bitcoin has surpassed $200. It could be a bubble, but it could be a snowball…

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