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September 11th, 2013

flyosity Putin wrote an editorial in the New York Times. Excellent read, many salient points.…

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@dapak Paint thinner. My body is seriously rejecting the introduction of this concoction.

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WARNING: aloe vera juice is NOTHING like the delicious aloe drinks you can find at asian markets.

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@lopp I recall @flyosity wishing that you could retweet your own old tweets; looks like you can bring them to the top of the timeline now!

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@Jeremy_DeGroot @drewpotential I’d say that since they’re iterating rather than innovating, they should at least innovate the pricing model.

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That awkward moment when you nearly run over a jaywalking cop.

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It appears that the market agrees that $AAPL’s new phones are underwhelming.

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ncpolicelogs Raleigh PD to citizen: Shooting bullets into the air was the wrong way to empty your handgun before selling it.…

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@gsingers You’d think Internet would be more plentiful and thus cheaper near Silicon Valley :-P

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@adamrawlings Do you need assistance waterboarding the cats?

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