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January 12th, 2011

played some multiplayer goldeneye on wii. got pwned, but at least I didn’t have to endure being called a fag by 10 year olds the whole time.

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@jbeardsley the trip will be mostly national parks and monuments, thus it’s good to know I can bring along ol’ Betsy

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@flyosity @hoorayimhelping all I’m saying is that the logical progression was gen_url => url_for => url_three

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@hoorayimhelping don’t get me started about gen_url => url_for => url_five

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I never use my work email to register for stuff, yet I get spam for webinars / professional BS. Here’s a “fuck you” to LinkedIn data miners.

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rundlesreposts You are what you eat, so I only eat beautiful food. For example, I love cheesy poofs, but the usability is terrible, so I won’t eat them.

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This makes planning my cross country trip just a little bit easier!

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