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May 8th, 2012

juliussharpe On the bright side of this North Carolina vote, I don’t think anyone was planning their dream gay wedding in Durham.

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One of the major downsides of a democratic system is tyranny of the majority. Thankfully we have the Supreme Court.

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@michaelbrooks The real shame is that it probably WOULD be better if it were in God’s hands. :-|

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Oatmeal It’s such a beautiful spring day outside. I think I’ll sit indoors and pound the F5 key looking at shit that doesn’t matter.

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colopy Seeking all-star VP of Engineering to lead multiple teams doing amazing things.

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neiltyson My Father’s history with the 1960s Civil Rights Miovement compels me to share this time-sensitive video

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@ameir If the post is not in /r/deadpets, tell them to GTFO and stick to /r/deadpets. If you’re reading /r/deadpets, you’ve got issues.

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