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June 4th, 2013

@mark_a_phelps Gotta set up that auto-pay, brah

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@pig_poetry @neiltyson I’m guessing he means that the act of snuggling does not produce heat, it merely prevents heat loss. Meh.

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@danlowe sometimes I run fsck on my SSDs just for giggles

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@zaksoup @prekesh @flyosity Around $4,000 while it hovered between the $10 - $20 mark

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@prekesh @zaksoup @flyosity So… Bitcoin… yes, I’ve seen a 10X gain since last year; if there is another 10X gain I’ll pay off the house.

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@pmccall777 After reading the description of the incident, Merkel was not driving erratically. The motorcycle rider was solely to blame.

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“Taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your resume is like saving up sex for your old age.” - Warren Buffet

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@dcm Arms are any weapons regardless of lethality. Also, “non-lethal weapon” is a misnomer; while not INTENDED to be lethal, they can kill.

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