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June 24th, 2013

If you drive an SUV and slam on the brakes before going over a pothole, you have failed to correctly utilize the sportiness of your vehicle.

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@dcm Sounds like he’s having fun with the case. From what I’ve read, the defense knows they have a huge advantage when it comes to evidence.

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@pig_poetry Yep, ran out of characters to twat.

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1) Write a bot that interfaces with all the popular social media platforms & points out hypocrisy, fallacies, & ignorance.
2) ???
3) Profit.

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Accuracy of summer storm forecasts in NC seems to dramatically drop off outside of a 4 hour window. Not helpful when I’m at work for 10 hrs.

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Fascinating piece of history: the only known (secret) recording of Hitler having a conversation.…

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Received a voicemail at 6 a.m. saying “you’re a bitch; I’m a drunk pimp!”

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