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June 7th, 2013

Three Nazis walk into a BAR and take a couple shots.

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@emilepetrone Welcome to my line of thinking for the past decade :-P

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@pmccall777 So you’re basically saying you’d like to invest in cloud seeding technology?

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@covati Hopefully if we can generate enough noise discussing the NSA, that’ll throw their algorithms off kilter for a while.

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nsa We can’t help you find pics of your ex, your passwords, or what you had on the pizza you ordered last week. Seriously, ngrep a zetabyte.

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ncpolicelogs SCOTUS has ruled that police can take DNA samples from people arrested for certain crimes. No conviction necessary!

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CEO of @TigerSwan in Apex, NC says that NSA tracking is “a good thing.” Likely because he loves those govt contracts.

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