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May 4th, 2019

@K3M1kAl @Excellion Are you seeing something different than I am?

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@RajaZuberi @Excellion That’s not necessary. It gives you a summary at the bottom of the RT list.

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@Excellion It’s interesting to note that 46 of the 49 accounts that retweeted that are set to be private twitter accounts.

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@byourseff @giacomozucco Back in the good old days we had the web of trust which was mostly used for OTC trades. I’…

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When you’ve got to pound metal, a custom fabricated template vastly improves the experience. Kudos @CRYPTO_TAG

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Q: Why aren’t the markets more freaked out about the Crypto Capital fiasco?
A: Because a Lannistether always pays h…

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