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January 5th, 2012

If I could hang animated gifs on my wall, I’d finally be able to achieve the perfect bachelor pad.

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wired Is an encrypted laptop protected under the 5th Amendment? The Feds say “No.” Terrific.

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@ameir meh, I can’t believe Gmail hasn’t built a disk space mgmt utility. I’m 77% full and can’t easily delete emails with large attachments

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@Jeremy_DeGroot used forms to auto-send complaints to all involved months ago

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nkohari Just found out that NC senator Kay Hagan (@SenatorHagan) is sponsoring #SOPA. In related news, I found a new politician not to vote for.

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@mark_a_phelps Yeah, any idiot knows that you swish TO THE PAIN.

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wral House overrides NCAE bill veto in unprecedented midnight session

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How do YOU feel when you see a panhandler talking on their mobile phone?

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