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January 27th, 2012

@pmccall777 it’s on the Internet, yo

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@ddahlke @jefft If an AWS console crashes in the cloud and no one is logged into it, did it really crash?

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Everyone should know the facts of life. Once a month, Chuck Norris visits all the women of the world. They spend the next week recovering.

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Fantasy <insert sport> is simply Dungeons & Dragons for jocks.

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If you’re smarter than everyone around you, you’re doing it wrong.

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Is crowdsourcing no longer the hot shit? I’m contemplating crowdsourcing my bucket list.

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DangGoodDogs Our hot dogs are DTF!!! Down To Fry that is! come on down and try our new deep fried dang dog! 2926 Guess Road! 11-2ish.

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ncpolicelogs Calm down, UNC & NCSU fans… the Chapel Hill sign defacement was a hoax.

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“Online Privacy” is an oxymoron. Fundamental infrastructure of the Internet was engineered to make it impossible to stem the flow of data.

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