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April 19th, 2012

raulfraile XD RT @rasmus: All clear for - you can all get back to looking up your needle/haystack params order #php

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I’ve been interrogating my dog for several hours now, but he REFUSES to tell me who the good boy is.

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@hoorayimhelping I only go there when I need to buy a 24k gold Monster cable.

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You can learn a lot about a paranoid person simply by following them around.

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There’s no such thing as “fighting dirty” in the real world.

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juliussharpe I respect the hell out of anyone who doesn’t say hi to me.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot nope, only counting 401K, IRA, & savings account contributions.

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Sometimes I see people with twice my salary post their monthly budgets on personal finance forums and they save a quarter of what I do. ಠ_ಠ

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TIL there is an organic mattress store in Durham. If you use a mattress for long enough, doesn’t it become mostly organic?

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