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February 21st, 2019

@pierre_rochard IIRC Zooko and Cobra both got hit with the same thing this week. It may be a virus that’s spreading.

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@Truthcoin CTOR vs TTOR - true Bitcoiners follow Satoshi’s Vision for transaction ordering!

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EOS has achieved the big blocker vision to a degree that Bitcoin forkers can only dream of.…

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MTGOX operated for nearly 4 years and has now been closed for 5 years since collapsing. The saga would likely…fg

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With ~30,000 (advertised) channels, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as we know it could be recreated from scratch in about 10 blocks / 2 hours.

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On-chain governance works if you submit to a given voting mechanism. Miner governance works if you cede to…Hn

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