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March 28th, 2019

@_drgo @CasaHODL An advanced user can reason about the security ramifications of storing seeds, but for the…07

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@ACLAYsuper @AP You can’t - a bump stock is just a piece of plastic. They can be created at home with a $200 3D printer.

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@pig_poetry You are free to party as long as the sounds do not invade my airspace and aggress upon my eardrums,…Kn

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Ladies and gentlemen, in the case of a fiat collapse please be sure to secure your own wealth in crypto before assisting others with theirs.

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@mcnicollme Rights are a psychological construct - they only exist if they are asserted.

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LucasNuzzi 1\ I recently wrote a piece on Schnorr signatures that explored how demand for private transactions will increase…HE

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When you have a “right to X” then it is immoral for others to use threats or violence to stop you from doing X.…QS

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You never know what harmful data you may be leaking. Case in point: during WWII, BBC News would start their…KG

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@FarmerNerdtv @CasaHODL We haven’t added fee tuning options yet because we’ve been waiting for more research like…4R

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