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June 18th, 2019

Backing Libra coin with a basket of assets that can be rebalanced is actually quite forward-thinking and will…WX

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@philgomes @defcon I assume so because @nathan_hauk messaged me recently. Might want to update the date, Nathan?

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Calling for blockchain security papers for @defcon 27!

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CasaHODL Good Morning Cyberspace!

Introducing a new weekly show where @lopp, @AlenaSatoshi, and @jeremyrwelch give a…eN

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@jasonwoodland1 @APompliano @saifedean “Decentralized” is a loaded term because it’s not a binary attribute of a…Qf

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@plumex Of course, I’m always happy to see my writing translated!

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@Truthcoin Yes, but now Proof of Stake is coming to Libra soooo put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Libra coin is not a threat to Bitcoin. If anything, it will help a lot of people take one logical step closer to…Om

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@jerrybrito The protocol itself doesn’t require AML/KYC, but in order to receive libra coins you’ll need a wallet…T0

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It only took 3 commands and ~5 minutes of installation to get connected to the Libra testnet…SA

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@sassal0x I think Libra meets the requirements to be called a cryptocurrency, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t…1B

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Libra sounds fairly well designed as a permissioned system, but it is facing quite a few long-term challenges. Oh,…QP

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