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March 27th, 2016

@jgarzik That’s what happens when you enable global unauthenticated write access! Sounds like a job for biometrics…

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Nice timing. @TraceMayer recently asked: “I wonder why Sergio hasn’t found any @ethereumproject vulnerabilities?”…

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balajis 12/ That is: self-driving cars, ride-sharing, drone delivery, and hyperloops take cars *off* the roads. Like email reduced need for postmen.

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Interesting viewpoints! “Ether is not really meant to be a speculative asset that increases in value.” - @TraceMayer

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Beware: it’s quite easy to send ether into the ether - there is no address validation if the input is all lowercase.…

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@flyosity Unless they have a mini nuclear reactor in that thing, no way it can process several gallons of water per second.

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ThatPrivacyGuy Looking for a VPN? Check out my Comparison Sheet with unbiased, independently verifiable data on over 100 services!

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