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March 29th, 2016

@TaoOfSatoshi How do they decrease block space contention? They run their own semi-trusted chain that can be used as a caching layer?

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@masonic_tweets @acityinohio Indeed; we’re going to need the avg txn fee to approach 0.01 BTC in order to offset the subsidy halving O:-)

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@theonevortex @Xentagz No, I mean from ~10 sat / byte to 40-50 sat / byte. Talking about fees in terms of pennies is nonsensical.

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Higher txn fees ought to indicate more demand for bitcoin in general. The exchange rate has doubled during this period of fees quadrupling.

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Recommended bitcoin transaction fees are 400%-500% higher than 6 months ago.

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The first release of @openbazaar will have plenty of limitations, but there’s a long term plan to address each one:…

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One thing I’ll note about miners selling preallocated block space: they won’t be able to hide it. We are watching.…

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