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September 2nd, 2016

bradheath Police looked up a Minnesota TV host’s driver license photo 3,844 times, including 780 while she was on-air.

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@oxt_btc When can we expect closer-to-realtime data? I almost always want to investigate txns that are only a handful of blocks old!

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bradheath Yet another fed. court says the FBI’s warrant for its Tor crack was invalid, but won’t suppress the evidence.

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@FakeUnicode @twitter Do undefined codepoints map to actual characters?

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Don’t feel constrained by @twitter’s 140 char limit. 128,000 unicode chars => 10^715 possible tweets. Fewer than 10^12 have ever been made.

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Bullish builders bootstrap Bitcoin, benefitting by beckoning bountiful buyers. Business booms.

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@el33th4xor @TechCrunch OH NOES, everyone is going to make fun of my shitty musical tastes!

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