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September 19th, 2016

Price gouging laws disrupt the economics of supply & demand, accelerating tragedy of the commons.…oi

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@tomaxwell @naval 1) Understand entire app stack very well
2) Think like a hacker in order to write contracts defensively & free of exploits

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@spinte7 @CryptoCompare I can assure you that I don’t work for free, though I don’t contribute to OSS projects full-time, just occasionally.

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Blockchain: a tamper-evident record of state transitions. Create a hashchain of your SQL log lines & call it a day.…

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@lsukernik Sure, with several years of studying and experience :-)

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A must-read in-depth history of the Cypherpunks and their innovations.

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The talent shortage of devs who understand blockchains, cryptocurrency, & distributed systems may very well limit growth rate of ecosystem.

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