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September 20th, 2016

@TuurDemeester That’s what happens when you don’t run your own full node!

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Where’s your bitcoin donation address, @letsencrypt?

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@jgarzik @DanielMross It is possible to use Authy for SMS-based 2FA, which we don’t recommend - lots of issues with SMS.

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@charles_merriam @HowHackersThink Higher salaries will ultimately lead to more developers, but there will be significant lag time.

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@prestonjbyrne That seems fairly optimistic. From my view the vast majority of criminals don’t get caught. (We’re all criminals.)

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@flyosity Perhaps the system is incredibly flawed if it allows such a shithead to be a stone’s throw from the presidency?

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@sjsqd Is Authenticator Plus trustworthy? Any independent security reviews of it? /cc @el33th4xor @matthew_d_green @kristovatlas

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Using 2 factor authentication for all the things is great. Managing dozens of 2FA tokens with @google Authenticator’s UI is not so great.

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BitcoinBelle Florida judge says is not money; NY judge says it is
I don’t care what the clowns call btc so long as I can still buy food with it

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“You can’t expect Bitcoin to be what you want it to be.” - @kyletorpey
Even more succinctly: “Bitcoin is.” - @Beautyon_

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