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September 26th, 2016

@MadBitcoins Because the cyberthreat is real. Cybernormals are cyberpeeing their cyberpants at the thought of cybernukes.

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@ShakerSamman @el33th4xor Who said all of the admirals and generals are American?

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In conclusion, Lester Holt emerges as the clear loser of the first Presidential debate. Runner-up losers include everyone who watched.

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HRC: We have cybernukes and we don’t want to use them, but we will.
Trump: The DNC might have been hacked by a 400 pound bedridden American.

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@TuurDemeester Depends on your config; more is better. Raspberry Pi with 1GB can run it, just not very performant.

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Not exactly, @alidabbs. Blockchain is a data structure; it’s unrelated to consensus mechanism used to add more…xj

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bradheath 2d Cir. rules in favor of American Express in antitrust suit brought by DOJ.

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assertNotEquals(“100% test suite code coverage”, “100% coverage of all possible system states & code paths.”);

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@rbtkhn Segwit is enabled in 0.13.1; probably be released in October, though it will then require 95% of hashrate signaling activation.

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1 month after release of Bitcoin Core 0.13.0, 23% of nodes have upgraded.
Release of 0.14 planned for March 1, 2017.…

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Zcash’s initialization requires 1 honest participant to ensure system integrity; reputation & size of group is key.…

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