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November 22nd, 2016

@tunafizzle @MAbtc It can help see some abberrant behavior, though plenty of other tools are good for spotting patterns / cluster analysis.

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@MAbtc Tx volume is gameable if you pay min relay fee but far below market rate. Not sure how to use long term volume when we’re @ capacity.

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It would be incredibly unfortunate if organic growth in Bitcoin gets dismissed as spam attacks because of suspicion about people’s agendas.

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I’ve yet to see any indications that current txn backlog is a spam attack. Fees look fairly evenly distributed.…

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@SooMartindale @ethereumproject @reddit Inded, my last @coindesk article mentioned why Bitcoin nodes don’t auto-update.

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Looks like Bitcoin is getting popular again. Nearly 12 BTC in transaction fees waiting to be collected.…

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