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October 8th, 2017

@AdamCox11 @maxkeiser Afraid not, though if you want it to be then you’re welcome to use bcash or bizcoin.

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@kevin_muratore They could certainly try, though I suspect that if we saw hashpower turn against the wishes of the…

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@kevin_muratore Sure, though interestingly enough we haven’t seen any such attacks against BCH even though it has very little hashpower.

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SegWit2X: honey badger’s next inoculation. It’ll sting a bit, but the ecosystem will gain resistance to hashpower-backed contentious forks.

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Folks can argue about what Bitcoin is supposed to be ‘til they are blue in the face - the market has the final say. It’s already whispering.

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After there are 3 Bitcoin forks, conspiracy theorists who claim Bitcoin is being prevented from evolving shall continue doing the same.

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@brucefenton How does one merge 3 blockchains back together? 🤔

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