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October 30th, 2017

@MrHodl @BashCo_ @BitPay @spair If you send your 2X coins without replay protection, you’ve just lost your BTC.

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@BashCo_ @BitPay @spair It’s fine for HODLers to “stop using Bitcoin” for transacting because it’s perfectly safe t…

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@kyletorpey @morcosa @kristovatlas @rogerkver SegWit miners don’t count because they violated Satoshis Vision. Only…

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BCH community generally agrees that miners decide the rules. Why would miners decide to enforce new EDA rules that decrease their profits? 🤔

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@morcosa Somebody has to make sure BitGo users don’t get forked off a given crypto asset network… 😬

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Parity releasing critical fixes 2 days before fork. Bcash forking again w/2 weeks notice. Airdrops abound. Can’t afford to blink these days.

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@ryanxcharles Bitcoin Cash Classic is the real Bitcoin‽

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@brianchoffman In my experience, giving crypto assets to people who know nothing about them tends to end poorly. Wh…

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@brianchoffman Not at all; if you want to burn your BTC it’s fine with me. 🙃

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@beijingbitcoins /r/btc is best suited for advanced users who are sufficiently zen to safely navigate the vitriolic…

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Each time Bitcoin bubbles a wave of HODLers check their wallets only to discover their HODL is permanent due to bad data backup practices.

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