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July 3rd, 2018

@RetireOnBitcoin The tree format enables more efficient SPV proofs.

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Great talk by @giuliacfanti about Dandelion. “No matter what spreading protocol you use, there will be some spies…wp

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My latest interview on The Alden Report is now available:…

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@RilRil By selling goods and services for it. Also known as “earning money” 😉

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$ sudo rm - rf /fiat

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@shashankrajau @newsbtc The bubble was bound to burst eventually. Did CBOE futures instigate it? Perhaps. But I’d…p9

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“Lightning Network wallets don’t need to break the mental model held by bitcoin users in order to fulfill their…w2

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@david_mosk @_jonasschnelli_ If you dedicate a reasonably fast machine to initial sync then it will only take a…ro

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@cryptophoenix9 Depends upon your needs. For ultimate privacy, use localbitcoins / mycelium local trader to buy…4c

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@bokobza @kanzure The alert system was removed from Bitcoin Core several releases ago IIRC, though a number of…sK

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“Bitcoin Core only works well up to about 200 wallets. If you need to scale higher then you’ll need a fully…CK

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“BIP174, Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction Format, will make it simple for any hardware wallet to work with…Ar

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“There’s no need to avoid running a node due to resource usage. Once a full node is synced it uses far less RAM…KJ

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You could say Cypherpunks don’t like Coinbase…

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.@nopara73 was detained for 12 hours at a US airport after telling them he was there to attend a Bitcoin…Us

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@distributedbit @nopara73 It’s a hard problem because it is also reliant upon UTXO selection strategies. There is…4E

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RainDogDance “Building On Bitcoin” live stream (updated link, old stream stopped):…
Schedule available…iw

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“Bitcoin fee estimation is non-deterministic. You don’t know the fee before you know the transaction size and you…KB

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francispouliot_ Testing the new @COLDCARDwallet w/ @lopp @nvk

Definitely have few new ideas on how to make using Bitcoin the…5r

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There are many reasons to retire the Bitcoin alert system, one of which is that the key was given to MTGOX so the…jv

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