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July 20th, 2018

“Hobbyists, enthusiasts, hackers, garage biohackers, cypherpunks– call these individuals whatever you want; they…imuu

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@randi_eitzman Which is actually pretty sad - I try to reply within 1 day if I’m going to reply at all!

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@NickThaGreek Check out the links under “further information” at

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Popular Bitcoin wallets that are still using block space inefficiently should be aware that the next time fees…HK

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Looks like @LedgerHQ has graduated Monero support from developer to production status on the Nano S! Still not…Sl

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@TotalBuzzKit It’s been on my site for quite a while under the deep dive technical resources.

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@TaylorGerring Me? An armchair quarterback is someone who only criticizes a decision in hindsight after it fails.…Ii

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This is how the resources that went into SegWit2X should have been spent. Better late than never!…

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bitcoinoptech We’re proud to announce the launch of Bitcoin Optech today. We’re here to help Bitcoin businesses integrate…Xu

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