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July 5th, 2018

“Stop competing with us! Muh monopoly!”…

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_CryptoAnarchy I don’t normally directly beg for retweets, but this is an important cause. We must preserve our history before it’…X4

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@james_lackland I consider it a type of test. They’re welcome to copy any of the data off of my fully encrypted devices. 😋

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My @build_on_btc talk, “Building Your Own Bank,” is available here:…

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@RetireOnBitcoin It’s not the receiving that matters so much as the UTXO selection that’s used when you’re…JM

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4 years ago I wrote to the author to recommend he educate himself with the resources I had compiled. Looks like…EN

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@flndwndrnk I think @Snyke summed it up well when he said that Lightning aggregates fees for miners.

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Border agent: “Why were you here?”
Me: “I was attending a Bitcoin conference.”
Agent: “Bitcoin? Can you explain…hy

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@siavashg @eric_lombrozo I reject the classification of thought leader. I’m a thought spewer. Many of my thoughts (…wc

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Lightning Network is an altcoin in the same way that IP is not the Internet.

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@sr_gi The highest value when you’re zoomed in the most on recent data should be the most accurate. But this tool…0u

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