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July 11th, 2019

@09ProudAmerican It’s irrelevant. Just an indicator that crypto assets have grown large enough to attract attention from the POTUS.

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@realDonaldTrump Yes sir, it is imperative that you focus on hunting down the founders of all of these crypto asset…

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I’m not a fan of Presidents & other authoritarians who don’t represent me & whose value is highly volatile & based…

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@WhalePanda Probably not fully submersible, only meant to minimize radar profile.

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SegWit-enabled spends recently touched 56% of daily transactions despite some major services still not supporting i…

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@ButtCoin It’s more about time, the most scarce of all resources. The investment you’ve made into comedy gold may b…

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@NeerajKA Finally, an excuse for why I need an armored car other than “doomsday prepping!”

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@ryaneshea @balajis Heh several former bitcoiners claiming they’re not salty.

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@nic__carter @FTAlphaville Indeed, there are many more fraudulent activities associated with Craig than his Satoshi scam.

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@ryaneshea @balajis Likely true, I also suspect that many are former HODLers who had weak hands and are super salty…

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#ThrowbackThursday: the @ButtCoin account owner started jeering at Bitcoin when it was $8.55. Buttcoinism originate…

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