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August 16th, 2019

@bitgeiniog @TheBlueMatt @TuurDemeester Now the community should band together to crowdfund a million TBTC for me.

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@TuurDemeester This is quite exciting news for me personally, as I’ve been HODLing tens of thousands of TBTC for…j7

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Cryptographically signed message or piss off, @ivymclemore…

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@marsh1066 @OPENDIME Can’t do physical delivery with a regular hardware wallet because there’s no guarantee the…kq

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Are physically delivered bitcoin futures transferred on an @OPENDIME? 🤔

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CasaHODL We’re excited to share that @BrianLockhart has joined Casa as Product Lead for the Casa Node! One more awesome…dQ

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@brianchoffman @mikeinspace Doesn’t any app that supports user generated content contain content that some users may find objectionable?

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