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August 26th, 2019

@avsa While that might make sense logically, that doesn’t seem to be how the case has played out. AFAIK Craig…fi

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Risk. Finance. $4 billion in debt.
Gonna have to liquidate a lot of BSV to pay that off!…

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@BitMEXResearch To be clear, this is perfectly natural and should resolve itself when the next block is mined.

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Ideas are immortal and abundant.
Inspiration is perishable and scarce.

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@tokenative @PeterMcCormack @CasaHODL You can run a shell inside of the docker container and check the hash of…j3

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@tokenative @PeterMcCormack @CasaHODL The docker images are built by Casa’s build system while the bitcoind…1w

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