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August 30th, 2019

A Phish fan in Colorado: “Man, you used to be able to get into any show with an eighth of weed. Now that it’s legal…

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@TuurDemeester Same. We’re clearly doing something wrong and not growth hacking correctly like @APompliano 🙃

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@_dmbw @CasaHODL I don’t see why not, that’s a good idea!

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@LightningHomer @CasaHODL Yes, there are critical vulnerabilities that have been found and will be disclosed in 4 weeks.

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Lightning node operators who are running:
c-lightning < 0.7.1
lnd < 0.7
eclair <= 0.3


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WhiteRabbitBTC Easiest way to earn sats. @SatsApp

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