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August 22nd, 2019

Two guys carted off a @CoinmeATM from a mall in Lynwood, Washington and nobody noticed for a week……AO

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@bitcoin1776 Absolutely nothing; it doesn’t even exist at this point in time.

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@RydesaurusRex I’m sure there are, like the pyramid scheme in China that got busted, but I don’t spend my time…00

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to when I warned people about Bitconnect. Lots of replies from those who were in denial……

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WhiteRabbitBTC All signs nominal. No more wondering if my node at home is responsive. ❤️👏🏻@SatsApp @CasaHODL

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Sadly, there are not enough satoshis for everyone to be a millionaire - there will only be enough for about a…ZB

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@ToneVays @jimmysong @magicalcrypto I have no qualms with their summary of the F-1.

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@ToneVays @jimmysong @magicalcrypto No one is being marketed to at this time; as such no one is owed an…Pn

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@mariodian @ToneVays @jimmysong @magicalcrypto That’s not a bad idea… it sure would be nice if folks employed…6q

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