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October 9th, 2019

Citizens: “Please provide crypto guidance!”
Govt: “Grab the airdrop and smooth it out with a bunch of schleem.…3F

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4. What if spending your fork coins poses privacy and security risks you want to avoid?
5. What if the fork coin…3W

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Today’s IRS guidance is a hot mess.
1. What if you have keys but no software from which to spend the asset?

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@lightcoin But some multicoin wallets and exchanges will automatically add support.

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BRB gonna go create taxable income for all of you against your wishes.…

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@jimmysong Several folks got really frustrated that Bitcoin wasn’t evolving the way they envisioned and they…sg

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@errrrrrrrrrre @CasaHODL As you noted, the hardware can support it. I would like for it to eventually be an option.

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Reminder: @CasaHODL Gold customers don’t just receive a node, they’re buying a personal sovereignty package!…xA

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