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October 23rd, 2019

TheCryptoBubble Say it ain’t so, I will not hold
Another $h!tcoin, til all time low 📉

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Kudos to @RepJuanVargas for being transparent about the US weaponizing the dollar against nations it considers to…yJ

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“Is it true that the companies in the Libra association are all run by white men? How many are minorities or LGBTQ?…H7

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“If this all goes wrong, you won’t be able to hide behind the idea that you didn’t create Libra.” -…8j

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“The US Dollar is really bad for tax evaders, drug dealers, and terrorists.” - @BradSherman

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.@RepMaloney says that anonymous LLCs are a national security issue.
That may be, but not having anonymous LLCs…O5

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@garypalmerjr @MyCrypto @twobitidiot @ATT If you’re American and you care more about security than privacy,…DQ

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@HotepJesus @ChrisBlec @jbrandon0 Understanding the dynamics of this system requires a fair amount of research;…y0

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@MyCrypto @twobitidiot @ATT You can certainly avoid being sim swapped, though not if you have Stockholm Syndrome…TS

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