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April 13th, 2020

Sorry Ellen, you made a procedural error. This motion should have been filed with the Internet Court of Opinion.

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@prestonjbyrne I thought the firearm laws suck pretty hard until you get to New Hampshire.

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@NCAGO @JoshStein_ You have already lost, you just haven’t realized it yet.

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@thechaz @dvharry2020 @Mario_Gibney @mynodebtc @CasaHODL Two very different systems; I’m starting to suspect a bug…

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@dvharry2020 @thechaz @Mario_Gibney @mynodebtc @CasaHODL Yup! Our support staff doesn’t stop responding to tickets;…

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@LukeDashjr You’d have to ask @lrvick what the criteria are for the “anonymous” column

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@LN_Master_Hub The way you make it so that you don’t have an employer that can fire you is to employ yourself.

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@LN_Master_Hub 1. Many governments do not respect claims of said right.
2. Thus you need to be your own platform to…

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@pierre_rochard At what point (time / price) would S2F proponents agree that the model has been broken?

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Bro we already found the legal loophole for this issue decades ago.


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