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April 16th, 2020

@AriDavidPaul I’m not aware of him suing anyone in the US, only being the defendant in a US lawsuit (Kleiman.)

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If only there was a way for employees to collectively renegotiate the terms of their employment……

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@pksbitcoin @CasaHODL Keep an eye out for a blog post about this soon.

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@shot256bit As I was working on publishing my lengthy article about him last year, I learned a lot about the…4c

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Craig’s defense in the Kleiman lawsuit is approaching the “I have a note from my mom” level, though he can’t do…4T

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CasaHODL “Lost coins only make everyone else’s coins worth slightly more. Think of it as a donation to everyone.” -…LX

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@midmagic It seems like simply hosting static files will probably have other complications; I think YouTube has a…On

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What’s the best self-hosted / distributed hosted video streaming service from which one can not be deplatformed?

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@nic__carter There’s no premium to compress. Last I checked it’s below 5% which is historically extremely low.

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In Q1 of 2020, inflows to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hit $388.9 million, an all-time record. 88% of inflows this…2C

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For we ‘member this fuckin’ guy.

2013: Calls Bitcoin “a fad, or a scam, or a ponzi scheme, or…Vw

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AaronvanW The Honey Badger Diaries Ep. 24, with @lopp.

Is going out in times of coronavirus a breach of the NAP? Is…YX

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