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January 25th, 2022

We knew Libra was DOA as soon as Zuck said they wouldn’t do anything without getting permission from regulators fir…

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@klbrkt @DrinkPartake That’s how you know it’s not an ad - I didn’t put any effort into the tweet.

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@hodl925537 @DrinkPartake @AthleticBrewing Haven’t tried it because I’d only be able to drink a single one per day.

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@brrrbujas @DrinkPartake More carbonated and beer-like; they’re both good.

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Learn how to design your #Bitcoin citadel in our next Twitter space on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

We’ll ta…

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@ricflairwoo3 @DrinkPartake Whiskey works for sure. Sometimes it’s nice to have some hops.

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If you’re maintaining a keto diet, you’ll have to give up beer. Even most non-alcoholic beer is too high in carbs.…

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@jack the sweet sweet sound of scratching off lottery tickets

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Power user request @TwitterSupport: the ability to bulk block or mute every account that has RT’d or liked a specif…

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@notsofast @coinyeezy short story supplies schadenfreude regardless

everybody enjoys faketoshi follower dunks

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Been hearing from friends in academia that suicides of university students continue to surge. But universities don’…

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@steeley_jr @RealVision @AshBennington Follow @MyLegacyKit for ongoing research.

I published my own research years…

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@RealVision @AshBennington Bitcoin Satoshi Vision was founded to enrich a small group of scammers who propagate fra…

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@brucefenton Sounds like an investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to…

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The disconnect between perception and reality is astounding.

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Are you a developer who isn’t keen on traditional employment? Become a Bitcoin Mercenary! Bounties are posted here:

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