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September 19th, 2011

Most awesome experience today was learning about a revolutionary piece of software & then watching it be open sourced for the good of us all

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@cashion TL;DL we need more flexible programming models (via generics) that can evolve similar to cells. the details are over my head.

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@ahabra you’re in good company

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benhardy Another Sussman gem, this guy is GOLD: “I hate computer languages, almost all of them, even the ones that I invented”. #strangeloop

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I wish I could claim to have absorbed more than 1% of Dr. Sussman’s keynote. Excuse me, I have to go lie down now. #strangeloop

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Oatmeal Why Netflix is splitting itself in two

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“Vim may be a dinosaur, but it’s THIS dinosaur:” - @wnodom

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It took great effort to refrain from shouting out “that’s what she said” during @chacon’s presentation. git head —force —hard #strangeloop

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@emilepetrone vim all the way, though I use Eclipse when writing Java

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“Use Vim if you’re cool, Emacs if you’re… older.” -Scott Chacon #strangeloop

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OH: “They fucked that up like Soviet Russia”

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stevenf I’d like to apologize about the way we handled the Netflix price increase by HURRRR DURR INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM OUTER SPACE

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“We’re going to have 900 geeks here - we need more power!” #strangeloop #derp

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“There is nothing new in computer science. We just keep re-discovering the same things in slightly different ways.” Erik Meijer #strangeloop

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