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September 3rd, 2014

I doubt that human-to-human or human-to-machine use cases can justify micropayment channels, but machine-to-machine appears a perfect fit.

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Are there any examples of micropayment channels that have been implemented on mainnet?

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@TriangleBitcoin @coindesk Sure, but I’d rather they be shaken out via voluntary reputation services rather than involuntary surveillance.

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@coindesk @TriangleBitcoin Their position enables them to capture info & identify wrongdoers? That’s what crypto-anarchy seeks to avoid.

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“Bitcoin was worthless until the Genesis Pizza event in 2010, which set the first value.” - Ted Nelson

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BTCFoundation Bitnodes Project 2014 Q3 Report: The State of P2P Network by Addy Yeow

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@TuurDemeester It’s difficult for me to take that web site seriously. Horrible design, feels spammy, and the title of the site is “My Blog.”

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@coindesk @laurabaverman IMO, Bitcoin isn’t ready to go mainstream. We need it to remain in the nerd realm for a few more years to prepare.

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@dailytarheel Changing URL schemes w/o redirecting old URLs is not very user friendly. Also, your site is slower than molasses today.

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YouTube now supports tipping of video creators, for a modest 5% + $0.20 fee. FAIL.

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