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September 17th, 2014

@flyosity Heh but are there entire forums / subreddits devoted to people doing nothing but hating on Apple?

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It’s an @openbazaar - it’s a marketplace for *.*

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@roasbeef @balajis Yep, though to be fair, the results don’t indicate truncation or pagination. Hopefully they’ll add that soon.

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@balajis It appears that Toshi needs some work done on its UTXO lookup logic.

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Benchmarking Bitcoin blockchain APIs for fetching UTXO set for 1UaizTd5Wy3p7pLiEfo9yfVS7LnN8D58W

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Jury duty today, AKA being tortured by being confined to a room with CNN talking non-stop about how much danger we’re in from terrorism.

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.@rogerkver has launched, a site for crowdfunding bounties for tracking down criminals.

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