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October 21st, 2014

@pmccall777 @Magnus919 If you need sustenance that tastes great, @soylent is not for you.

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EFF We oppose NY’s BitLicense proposal to regulate virtual currency. Our joint comments with Internet Archive, reddit:

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@danlowe It’s gonna be tough to get headshots with those specs.

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“I never understood autographs. Seems like a really bad idea to give anybody who asks a sample of your signature….” - @gavinandresen

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@oleganza This is certainly possible given that the economics of mining drive miners to operate on the brink of profitability.

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@realytcracker Looks like BandCamp doesn’t support bitcoin; will there be a BTC option to buy Introducing Neals?

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@flyosity I have yet to hear of any that accept any form of payment other than cash. If Apple Pay supports chargebacks, it won’t work.

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