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March 3rd, 2015

“Organizations that have custodial access [to bitcoins] have all of the problems of traditional centralized financial networks.” - @aantonop

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“Algorithmic regulation provides certainty without nationalist or geopolitical influence.” - @aantonop

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@aantonop Check your video title; you’ve got a typo.

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TheTorontoSun Bank of Canada urges Star Trek fans to stop ‘Spocking’ their fivers.

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@bitonbit Nah, just look at July - it’s just the head fake bull trap for the next 6 months of dumping amirite :-P

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@sbyrnes @pmarca Perhaps sentience has already evolved on the Internet and decided to call itself Satoshi Nakamoto…

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RT @maraoz: wow, looks AMAZING! congrats @LouisonDumont for the great work! :)

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It’s 2015 & high perf software engineering still requires us to write logic to manipulate data at the byte level. CS degrees are valuable.

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