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March 26th, 2015

motherboard The FAA is now investigating the drone pilot it told to stop posting on YouTube:

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@mikestable At this rate you’re going to start hoping for bad weather :-)

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Underneath the waning number of individuals running Bitcoin nodes altruistically is a foundation of companies running them out of necessity.

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@covati Obviously you should send youtube a cease and desist for mangling your IP.

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RT @covati: I recorded a screencast while at starbucks and now youtube is muting the audio because of the background music. Dangit.

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I was happy my @MyceliumCom Entropy arrived with the seal intact, until I realized it wasn’t quite tamper-proof…

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@JSDiedrich Oh noes, the statists are gonna sic their thugs on you!

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There’s no good reason it should take more than a few secs to process an unsub request. Govt legislation makes subpar performance acceptable

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The reason why email unsub pages say they’ll process your request in 10 biz days is b/c the govt (CAN-SPAM) said they can take that long.

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