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July 16th, 2015

@mriou How can we encourage a greater diversity of Core devs?

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@theseatoms Bitcoin Core is pretty messy, plus I’m not an experienced C++ dev, but I’d start at init.cpp and main.cpp - the high level code.

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RT @ArsLaw: Government IT official ran law enforcement data systems for years with faked degrees by @thepacketrat

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Suitpossum Philosoraptor ponders a small flaw in the standard ‘bank-lends-out-my-money-to-borrowers’ story

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@NewbergNate Well this is just getting weirder - #1 & #3 don’t display for me on the web or official Android @twitter app… /cc @Support

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@NewbergNate It looks like #5 has re-appeared, but #1 and #3 are still missing. Can you see #1?

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@drewmikb All of the transaction related stats are based upon realtime unconfirmed txs accepted by my node.

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@flyosity It can barely handle the recoil; should probably go with laser weapons instead on drones.

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Ummm 3 of the 5 tweets from my tweetstorm yesterday were deleted; what gives, @Support? Good thing I keep backups…

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Autonomous shopping carts that follow you around and return themselves to the store from the parking lot. /cc @BoredElonMusk

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Bitcoin was specifically designed to route around the economic damage caused by foolish authoritarians such as @NCSenateDems & @MyNCSenate

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RT @jgarzik: Bummer!
#Bitcoin Firm Xapo Cuts North Carolina Access”
Not enough customers vs. regulation coming.

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