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February 2nd, 2016

If you operate a Bitcoin company and don’t offer bug bounties, you just haven’t realized it yet.

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@markcross v0.12 also includes new rules that limit the number of transactions in the memory pool.

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@ErikaForPres I tend to agree; first world citizens already have decent financial infrastructure available to them.

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FYI if you only use Bitcoin Core as a wallet: v0.12 supports wallet functions in pruned mode. This reduces disk usage from ~60 GB to ~2 GB.

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@adam3us It’s actually against Reddit’s rules to ask for upvotes because Reddit is susceptible to Sybil attacks :-)

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If my calculations are correct, @HillaryClinton had a 1.56% chance of winning all six coin flips in Iowa.

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Interesting proposal to enhance oracles for smart contracts by @RibbitRewards @shannonNullCode

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@adam3us @Satoshi_N_ Right - at the moment only 10%-20% of my node’s peers are SPV clients. Hopefully we can maintain a socket surplus.

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